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Striving for survival on the basis of quality and striving for development on the basis of innovation, in order to further participate in competition of international market, the Group passed the ISO/TS16949 quality system certification in October of 2005, and deepened the quality management for guaranteeing that reliable products and services are provided for domestic and international markets. The Group has increased the investment in foreign markets at present and 128 kinds of car lamps and internal decorations of the Group have passed ECE certification to 2009 totally. Technological Department of the Group analyzes and authenticatess regulations when in development, and adopts the multi-argument method to validate the products and increase product consistency management.

Wenguang Group has established a whole set of comprehensive modern product measurement and test monitoring system from 2002. The Group had been equipped with a standard photometric performance test room, an environmental test room and 30 sets of all kinds of imported high-precision three-coordinate measuring instruments, re-projection imaging devices and the like to the end of 2005. Products of the group are designed, developed, manufactured and produced strictly according to 48 national forcible inspection standards and achieves corresponding national forcible inspection standards and the leading level in the same industry in China.

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